About my Glass Plates Collection..

1997, “fragile collection of glass plate negatives”

After the research I made about the photograph studios existed between 1920–1960, I have brought in to light and published some of the photographs from the archives I managed to reach with their stories in the Photograph Magazine for ten years under the heading “Photograph Studios from yesterday up today”. The documents, photographs and the glass plates are the historical and social witnesses of their period and region. This work has been invited and some portion of it has been presented in digital/CD format in many universities, panels and activities related to photography. With the aim of preserving the moments, places and people which if not recorded would be lost forever… With the aim of saving the memories and transferring them to new generations …In addition to building up an exceptional Glass Plate archive the likes of which are saved in museums, with this research:
* Documents I reached in various cities and towns of Anatolia which I may call memory of yesterday, vanishing rapidly as their owners;
* The stories of the photographers who also worked as photojournalists and chroniclers in the regions they lived, which are not alive today;
* The history of innovations put into practise with the establishment of The Republic;
* Precious samples of photographs from the early photograph studios to the newest ones;
are compiled.The glass plates of various sizes contained in my project, which is aiming the collection to be preserved and to be transferred to future, are scanned at both high and low resolutions and archived in DVD’s. It is of utmost importance for me that this work which took years to complete to be published oneday and to reach everyone.

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